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Welcome to DisabilityEdUK, a network for disabled educators and school leaders, led by disabled educators.

You can find out more about us, meet the DisabilityEd UK Development Group and contact us by clicking on the links in the text.

FREE Event: Celebrating Neurodivergent Teachers during #NeurodiversityCelebrationWeek

When: Thursday 18th March 18:30-21:00

You can ask questions or make comments on YouTube by going to https://youtu.be/Qn5oby6bq1E

Schedule: DisabilityEd U.K. are delighted to bring you an evening of incredible Neurodivergent educators with a vast array of experience and insight to share.

18:30- 18:32- Welcome & order of the evening (Hosts: Laura McConnell & Shabnam Anam)

18:32- 18:40- Who are DisabilityEd UK (Ruth Golding)

18:40-19:00- Neurodiversity (Fergus Murray)

19:00- 19:20- Dyslexia (Claire Doherty)

19:20- 19:40- ADHD (Eliza Malone)

19:40- 20:00- Neurodiversity (Sarah Boon)

20:00- 20:20- Dyslexia (Iain Thorsteinsson)

20:20- 20:40- ADHD (Lena Carter)

20:40- 21:00- Keynote: Autistic Teacher (Pete Wharmby)

21:00- Thank you and goodbye (Laura and Shabnam)