About Us

We support the Department for Education’s ambition to make the workforce in schools more diverse. We want all schools to know who their staff with disabilities are so that their individual needs can be met. We want disabled educators to have long and fulfilling careers in education and enjoy professional progress.

DisabilityEd UK will:

  • Educate people to challenge their own biases and assumptions and think differently about disability
  • Raise awareness of the stigma and inequity experienced by many people with a disability in education
  • Advocate for colleagues with a disability, ensuring that they receive the support that they need by sharing materials that explain the vast range of adjustments that can be made to make workplaces accessible for all.
  • Publicise on social media the strengths and talents that being disabled can bring to a school team
  • Collaborate with DfE to understand what the disabled workforce in schools looks like and work alongside the Equality and Diversity Hubs to support disabled leaders to develop their skills.